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HORTENSIA and DRAGONFLY | Decoupage Rice Paper | Stamperia | A4

HORTENSIA and DRAGONFLY | Decoupage Rice Paper | Stamperia | A4

Stamperia Italian A4 Rice paper for Decoupage, Hortensia and Dragonfly, Hydrangea, Flowers, 8.3" X 11.7" DFSA4307.
For Best Results:
Paint the surface with a light or white colored background so the image will show against the transparency of the paper.
Apply a layer of decoupage medium to the surface, then place the paper. If you are covering a large area, it is best to do it a section at a time.
Once the paper is positioned correctly, apply another layer of glue over the top.
Let top layer fully dry before applying a second coat of decoupage medium or varnish.
Do not touch your rice paper when it is wet.
Use a soft brush with flat / wide bristles.
About Stamperia;
STAMPERIA as a brand was launched in 1995, at that time the knowledge about the Hobby world was still scarce. The first Collection included stencils, stamps, acrylic paints as well as decoupage papers and rice paper � a sensational novelty at the time as Stamperia was the first company in the world to print on rice paper.
STAMPERIA today is a leader in the Creative Hobby Industry and has distributors in more than 60 countries of the world.
Their philosophy is based on the following basic principles:
Stamperia original designs are created by our internal graphic department and their designers. This gives a distinct character to their collections, recognizable all over the world.
High Quality: the production process and the selection of the best raw materials are carefully followed in order to achieve a high-quality product range.
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