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Majestic Horse White  | Hokus Pokus Image Transfer

Majestic Horse White | Hokus Pokus Image Transfer

23x25 Portrait  Landacape Seamless Transfer. 
Hokus Pokus Decor transfers are pressure sensitive printed designs which can be rubbed onto any smooth surface using a transfer tool in order to enhance and decorate a piece of furniture to create a one of a kind piece of decorative art. 
Each design comes rolled up on a tube and has a carrier sheet and wax like backing paper for protection.  Our transfers require no water, heat or glue to be applied and is simply rubbed onto your project using a special transfer tool which is included in the packaging together with a full instruction sheet.  Transfers do not have any edges that has to be cut out as it is a framless and borderland product that you can apply without having to conceal any edges. 
Can be used on wood, painted furniture, ceranics, glass, mirrors, tiles and many other smooth surfaces.
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