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Bubblegum Yum Catharsis Decoupage Artisan Print

Bubblegum Yum Catharsis Decoupage Artisan Print


New Release: We have partnered up with some very talented artists and they have created some beautiful pieces. This beautiful piece of art was created by Lindsey from Urbane Lifestyle.

Decoupage Artisan Print

Make sure your surface is clean and dry. You can use your choice of decoupage medium to adhere the paper. Put your decoupage medium on the furniture first and then the back side of the paper.

Place the paper on your furniture or other project medium and smooth it over. Let it dry completely.

Once dry, use a razor knife to cut the drawer spaces or breaks in. Use a sanding block to smooth and cut your edges. Once all the loose paper had been smoothed you can seal your paper! We recommend using a clear coat sealer or polycrylic type product.

*There are many different methods you can use to decoupage. We encourage you to find what works best for you! Send us a video of you using your favorite method for a chance to win a free print!

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